About Us

Our #1 Goal is helping you succeed!

We believe everyone should have the chance for their creations to be seen by the world. With our long history of community involvement and map making, we know how to best showcase your creations and make sure they meet their fullest potential. We want to make sure every independent creator has an opportunity to release their content and have it seen by players across the globe. You should have access to the same resources and opportunities the large studios do. That’s why we’re here.

Meet the Team

Bringing your creations to life takes a lot of work behinds the scenes. Here’s the team that will turn your dreams into reality.



Head of Business Development

He’s helped organize and run multiple large-scale Race For Wool (RFW) tournaments for hundreds of players beginning with the Reddit Minecraft Tournaments. His duties as an admin also included running smaller tournaments between seasons, fostering relationships with YouTubers and other influential Minecrafters, and working with the streaming team to create an enjoyable experience for the viewers.

He has always been a huge advocate of the Minecraft map making community. He helped organize the highly successful RMCT Open Houses that promoted and taught map making to hundreds of Minecrafters, assisted and advised in the development of countless RFW maps, co-hosted a map making podcast called Limited Engagement and aided in the development and management of multiple Minecraft build teams.



Creative Director

Previously a member of The VoxelBox build team, he’s worked alongside the top map makers in the business to create projects for clients such as Temple University and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. He also co-created the wildly successful minigame map Color Cube and advised on countless others.

Since before he began making maps, he has been an avid player. He produced and co-hosted Limited Engagement, a podcast about making and playing Minecraft maps. Before that, he was the team leader of Musclecraft: Phoenix, a competitive PvP team in the Reddit Minecraft Tournament.

His hands-on experience in the field has given him the experience and perspective needed to work alongside map makers to bring their projects to life.