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Helping to produce fun and engaging maps is our specialty.

See below for the current maps we have in production.

Infinity Dungeon 

by Jigarbov

Infinity Dungeon is a roguelike adventure map taking place in a randomly generated maze. Every time you run the Infinity Machine it will create a randomly generated dungeon for you to explore, fight and figure out environmental puzzles to find all the Infinity Crystals and bring them to the core. It is best played in multiplayer but works perfectly fine for an engrossing single player experience.


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Type: Rogue-Like Survival | MC Release: Java Edition 1.10.x (older releases) |Status: Being ported to MCPE/Windows 10 Edition


by Krose

After crash landing on an uncharted island, you find yourself marooned in a strange land where you meet a friendly wizard who explains the troubles they are having.


Use whatever resources you can scrounge up to help protect the townfolk, while fighting your way through 4 unique dungeons and discover how you can free this land of whatever curse has brought purpetual night to it in this Complete the Monument style survival adventure.


Type: Complete the Monument | MC Release: Minecraft (Bedrock) 1.1+ | Status: COMING SOON!

Color Cube 

by Musclecraft

In this fast paced territory control minigame, you compete with up to 16 of your friends in 4 teams to see who can be the painting champion. With 9 re-playable maps, multiple power ups, and a random mode, this is the perfect party game. But watch out for Mr. Happy, he doesn’t like you stepping on his blocks.

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Type: Multiplayer Minigame | MC Release: Java Edition 1.8 |Status: Being ported to MCPE/Windows 10 Edition


by VanillaBurp

Enter a world of fairies and magic in this fantasy survival spawn! Explore and rebuild the overgrown fairy town of Silvermist and start your next survival game in style.

With all new mobs and textures, it will be like discovering Minecraft all over again.


Type: Survival spawn | MC Release: Minecraft (Bedrock) 1.1+ | Status: COMING SOON!

Ant Farm Survival

by MG Platinium

The classic survival map series returns! Explore and fight your way through the challenging terrain of the ant farm to complete objectives and escape. Experience the series that defined a genre, featuring all the charm you remember with the polish you expect.


Type: Survival | MC Release: Minecraft (Bedrock) 1.1+ | Status: In production for Minecraft (Bedrock) 1.1+